Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Panel Greenlights FAST Act Transpo Funding Levels (Progressive Railroading)
  • How Will We Know When We’re Getting Bike Equity Right? (Next City)
  • New Urban Land Institute Report Looks at Trend of “Trail-Oriented Development”
  • Rethinking Miami’s Iconic Calle Ocho as a Complete Street (CityLab)
  • Foxx, Mayors Return From “Smart City” Tour in Europe (E Turbo News)
  • Wired: No, Dallas Highway Widening Isn’t a Model for Other Cities
  • Why Philanthropy’s Big on Cycling (Inside Philanthropy)
  • Game Back on for Cincinnati’s Streetcar (Cincy Biz Journal)
  • Austin Bike Advocates Call for Safety Upgrades (KXAN)
  • How One German City Handles Pedestrians Engrossed in Their Phones (WaPo)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. I fear Trail-washing is the new greenwashing. Developers are using this as an excuse to build at remote sites along these trails, when the trails themselves are really not all that useful for transportation.

    If we’re going to get on-board with Trail-Oriented Development, we need to make sure the trails can function as real transportation routes, and include:
    (1) illumination so they can be used at night, not close at dusk
    (2) administration by transportation departments with stronger budgets, as opposed to parks departments which have their budgets cut first
    (3) high-quality materials in the surface, not just dirt, rocks, and roots
    (4) snow and ice removal systems
    (5) nearby places to go, as sometimes these trails don’t lead anywhere useful or even have safe ways to reach nearby commercial districts
    (6) orientation of buildings to the trail, so using it is useful and not isolating/scary
    (7) limited car parking at the new residential developments along the trail, so that the trail becomes a primary transportation mode.

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