Today’s Headlines

  • Pew Research Center Looks at Who’s Using Transit in the U.S.
  • After Sunday’s Amtrak Crash, Feds Order Safety Review (WaPo)
  • Maryland’s Purple Line, Contract Now Approved, Will Have Longest Rail Cars in U.S. (WaPo, GGW)
  • How California Environmental Law Blocks Bike Lanes (LA Times)
  • San Antonio Among Nine Cities To Get TOD Boost From Feds (SA Biz Journal, Smart Growth America)
  • Rebecca Solnit: We Don’t Need Driverless Cars — We Need to Ditch Cars (Guardian)
  • Audit Finds Safety, Maintenance Problems With DC Circulator Buses (WTOP)
  • Mobility Lab: Congestion Pricing Can Help Solve “America’s Bread Line”
  • America Sees Fewest 16-Year-Old Drivers Since 1960s (CityLab)
  • Ride-Sharing Can Help Patch Transit for Nashville, But It Can’t Do It All (Nashville Biz Journal)

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