Today’s Headlines

  • DOT Narrows “Smart City Challenge” Down to Seven Finalists… (WaPo)
  • …Including Kansas City, Denver, Austin (KC Star, Denver Post, KXAN)
  • LA Would See Range of Major Transit Projects If Voters Approve $120B Tax (LA Times)
  • Report: Feds Aren’t Ready to Regulate Driverless Cars (The Verge)
  • How the New UW Light Rail Station Could Transform Seattle (Seattle Times)
  • Sadik-Khan Chats with The Verge, CityLab on Her Playbook for Better Streets
  • Should BRT Come to Route 66? Battle Continues in Albuquerque (Counterpunch)
  • GM Ramps Up Its Efforts on Driverless Car Tech (NYT)
  • Tampa Studies Array of New Commuting Options (Tampa Trib)
  • Should U.S. Cities Outright Ban Right Turns on Reds? (Next City)

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