Today’s Headlines

  • FTA Boss Therese McMillan Departs for LA Transpo Job (WaPo)
  • Jersey Invests Less in Transit as Ridership Grows (Bloomberg)
  • Trump Appears to Side With Dems on High-Speed Rail (Time)
  • Uber Invests Big in Global Expansion (WSJ)
  • Shoup: How Parking Requirements Make Life Harder for the Poor (WaPo)
  • High-Speed Rail Options Under Scrutiny in Connecticut (Hartford Courant)
  • A Look at Nashville’s Three Transit Improvement Scenarios (Nashville Biz Journal)
  • Using Open Data to Advocate for TOD: Chicago’s Model (GovTech)
  • A Years-in-the-Future BRT Line Spurs Development in St. Paul (StarTrib)
  • Regional Bike-Share Takes Root in Massachusetts (WAMC)

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  1. The objections to high speed rail in CT are really off-base. The author worries, that high-speed rail will create “intense new — and possibly unwelcome — development along the new route.” Environmental groups like the Sierra Club are cited as opposing a rail line through the Quiet Corner.

    CT is already seeing the spread of McMansions and expanded road networks. Everywhere you see roads upgraded and widened, even ‘country roads’, to accommodate low-density sprawl.

    High speed rail is a chance to end the sprawl pattern and promote a dense settlement pattern that emphasizes non-car modes of travel. The hollowed-out core that is downtown Danbury, Connecticut, SHOULD have intense new development, but it should be apartment buildings without parking and high-frequency local transit, bike lanes and sidewalks.

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