Today’s Headlines

  • After Four Mayoral Terms, D.C. Streetcar Will Officially Start Running Next Saturday (WaPo)
  • Gizmodo: It’s Cars, Not Smartphones, That Kill Pedestrians
  • Emanuel’s Plan for Chicago: Expand Downtown While Investing in Poor Neighborhoods (Chicago Trib)
  • Biden Celebrates 7th Anniversary of the Stimulus Act (StarTrib)
  • Amtrak Requests $1.8B for Next Fiscal Year (The Hill)
  • California to Test New Mileage Fees to Replace Gas Tax (SF Chron)
  • What’s Austin’s Priority: Density or Affordability? (Austin Chron)
  • Virginia Beach Has Until April to Commit to Light Rail (Pilot)
  • Houston’s Ambitious Bike Plan (Off Cite)
  • Imagining TOD in Upstate South Carolina (Upstate Biz Journal)

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