Today’s Headlines

  • Toronto Leaders Unveil Enormous Transit Expansion Package (
  • Gizmodo: “Streetcars Are the Great Urban Gimmick of Our Time”
  • CityLab on Kansas City’s “Great Microtransit Experiment”
  • Santa Barbara Businesses Challenging Bike Lane Under CA Environmental Regulations (Independent)
  • Nashville Area Mayors Approve $1.2 Billion for Transit Over 25 Years (Nashville Business Journal)
  • Detroit Sprawl King: “One Man’s Sprawl Is Another Man’s Economic Development” (WDET)
  • Detroit Inner-Ring Suburb Royal Oak to Discuss Legal Challenge to I-75 Expansion (Oakland Express)
  • FRA Head Urges State DOTs to Study Rail Crossings (
  • Some Ports Disappointed With Obama’s Transportation Budget Proposal (
  • San Diego Breaks Ground on $131 Million, 21-mile Bus Route (Times of San Diego)

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