Today’s Headlines

  • Shorter U.S. Life Expectancy Mostly Explained by Drugs, Guns, and Cars (Reuters)
  • Computers Will Count as Drivers Under Federal Regulations for Self-Driving Cars (Boston Globe)
  • Grand Rapids BRT Project Would Get $57 Million Under Obama’s “DOA” Budget (Mass Transit)
  • …Purple Line in D.C. Would Be in Line for Funding As Well (WaPo)
  • Obama’s Budget Calls for Expanded Urban Development Programs (Smart Growth America)
  • Plus, More Detail About Which Transit Projects Are Recommended for Funding (FTA)
  • Hawaii Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Cell Phone Use By Pedestrians in the Crosswalk (KHON2)
  • Work to Begin Widening I-75 in Detroit Suburbs; Local “Sprawl King” Calls It “Main Street” (Detroit News)
  • Massachusetts Rep Wants to Raise Fines for Jaywalking (State House News Service)
  • Atlanta’s War on Density (Atlanta Studies)

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