Today’s Headlines

  • House Buys Time on Transpo Bill With Two-Week Patch (The Hill)
  • U.S. Transit Systems (i.e. Chicago, DC) Ramp Up Security After Paris Attacks (WGNTV, Roll Call)
  • Why California’s High-Speed Rail Money Shouldn’t Go to Roads (CityLab)
  • Funding Secured for Philly Subway Extension, But Some Are “Tired of Studies” (Philly Mag, Biz Journal)
  • Twin Cities Study Finds Barriers Between People of Color and Cycling (StarTrib)
  • Gut Reactions Explain Why Urbanism Is Pegged as “Liberal” (Urban Edge)
  • Feds Hold Back Funding on Honolulu Rail (Pacific Biz News)
  • NJ Star-Ledger: Hudson Rail Project Progressing, But Risk of “Traffic Armageddon” Still Looms
  • Four Cities Taking Creative Approaches to Parking Challenges (The Line Media)
  • In Minnesota, Bike Share Expands to Include … Canoes (Smithsonian)

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