Today’s Headlines

  • House to Mark Up Transpo Bill Thursday, as Clock Ticks (Progressive Railroading, The Hill)
  • 19 Dem Governors Ask Congress for a Long-Term Transpo Bill (The Hill)
  • Driverless Car Tested on I-95 in Virginia (AP)
  • Ratings Agency Blames Millennials’ Car-Free Choices for Poor Road Conditions (Denver Biz Journal)
  • Will San Joaquin Valley Innovate, or Just Continue With Sprawl? (CityLab)
  • Federal Dysfunction Makes Way for the Rise of Cities (WSJ)
  • “Transportation Camps” Inspire Fresh Thinking (Mobility Lab)
  • A Look at Five New Transit Projects in New Orleans (Times-Picayune)
  • Seattle District Sees Lagging Promise of TOD Along Light Rail (KPLU)
  • How Can Rhode Island Fix Its “Disjointed Maze” of Bike Infrastructure? (Eco RI News)
  • Michel S

    So millennials are “to blame” for road safety and maintenance issues today because previous generations overbuilt the road network based on flawed assumptions and without securing a sustainable funding source? Not sure visiting the sins of the father on the son was the best tone to set, but it makes for great click-bait.