Today’s Headlines

  • Driving in America Is Most Dangerous for People With Less Education (WaPo)
  • Gallup: People Living in Cities Most Optimistic About Economy
  • States Taking on More Debt to Build Highways (FHWA)
  • Dallas Staff Blame Peds for Skyrocketing Deaths; Council Member Blames Design (Morning News)
  • Anti-Light Rail Measure Will Stand in North Carolina Until at Least Year End (
  • CityLab: North Carolina State Lawmakers “Preempting” Local Governance
  • Las Vegas Needs Light Rail on the Same Corridor It Built a Monorail (LV Review-Journal)
  • California to Offer Poor Drivers With Unpaid Traffic Fines Amnesty (ABC News)
  • Scientists: Biking or Walking to Work Is the Best (Gizmodo)