Today’s Headlines

  • Joe Biden to Visit Detroit to Cheer Upgrades to the City’s Bus Service (Free Press)
  • Financials at Washington’s WMATA Increasingly Unsustainable (GGW)
  • NY and NJ Governors Ask Feds to Pay for Half of Rail Tunnel to Manhattan (The Hill)
  • For Riders, Transit Proximity to Work More Critical Than to Home (CityLab)
  • Nashville Neighborhood Ditching Cars for a Week (Nashville Business Journal)
  • Congress About to Fail on Budget but “May Pass Highway Bill” (Inforum)
  • Interbike Under Fire for Allegedly Sexist Materials (Gear Junkie)
  • Guest

    Re Transit Proximity to Work, makes perfect sense now that I think about it. My walk from home to transit is 11 minutes, from transit to work is 26 minutes (according to Google) and includes a pedestrian (and bike) unfriendly crossing of 101. If I take transit, I show up at work stressed and sweaty.

    This is an urban to suburban commute. I’ve thought about using my car as a last mile device, parking in a suburban neighborhood near the Caltrain station overnight.