Today’s Headlines

  • Charlotte Streetcar Ridership 37% Above Expectations (Observer)
  • Phoenix Voters Went to Polls for Transit Tax (AZ Central)
  • Congress Gets to Put Off Debt Ceiling Battle a Little While Longer (WaPo)
  • U.S. DOT Gives $9.5M to Train the Workforce for an Expanded Transit Network (AP)
  • Sacramento Gets New Light Rail Extension (Progressive Railroading)
  • Illinois Owes Millions in Gas Tax Dollars to Cities (Southern)
  • Paris Train Attack Reinvigorates Calls to Beef Up U.S. Rail Security (The Hill)
  • Mother Jones vs. Washington Post on the Crash vs. Accident Debate
  • Cape May Gets Serious About Bike Ban on Beach Park (Shore News Today)
  • VIDEO: “Hi, I’m a Slimy Guy Trying to Sell You a Car” (GGW)

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