Today’s Headlines

  • Amtrak Exec: Delays Could Become the Norm for NJ Commuters (NYT)
  • Despite Recent Crashes, Train Derailments Are Declining (Brookings)
  • Apparently There’s No Plan B for the Red Line in Baltimore (Baltimore Sun, AP)
  • Vox Breaks Down Where America Went Wrong on Transit
  • A Decade After Katrina, the Gulf Coast Waits on Passenger Rail (
  • Bike-Share’s Everywhere Now, But Does It Make Any Money? (Fortune)
  • Does D.C. Have the Crash Data It Needs to Pursue Vision Zero? (WAMU)
  • Indianapolis Plans for BRT in 2018 (WTHR)
  • Miami Developers Face Catch 22: Build TOD in a Car-Centric Town (Daily Biz Review)
  • A Day in the Life Aboard Detroit’s People Mover (Model D)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. People like Hogan waltz in and destroy decades of hard work by consensus of people who slowly, carefully plan projects to meet needs of local communities.

    Then they call themselves conservatives.

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