Today’s Headlines

  • Majority of Railroads Won’t Meet Year-End Deadline for Positive Train Control (NYT)
  • Cuomo Sees No Reason to Meet with Feds on New Hudson Tunnels (NYT)
  • A Neighborly New Type of Car-Sharing (Chicago Trib)
  • How Far is the U.S. From a Universal Transit Card? (CityLab)
  • A $30M Price Hike for Minneapolis Light Rail Could Help Lure Federal Funds (Star Trib)
  • Audit Reveals DC Metro’s Financial Troubles (WTOP)
  • Connecticut, New Jersey Take Different Approaches to Transpo Funding (Hartford Courant)
  • Officials to Discuss Baltimore’s Post-Red Line Options (Baltimore Sun)
  • The Transportation Barrier to Healthcare for the Low-Income (Atlantic)
  • Five Years After Streetcar Died, Fort Worth Still Waiting for Better Buses (CityLab)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Phrases like “bus improvements” and “better buses” have become immensely popular ways to politely tell cities to fuck themselves.

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