Today’s Headlines

  • Christie Can Run, But He Can’t Hide From His Terrible ARC Tunnel Decision (The Hill)
  • Rick Snyder: Proof Positive You Can Raise the Gas Tax and Still Get Re-Elected (Detroit News)
  • Amazing Interactive Chart Details Each State’s Emissions (Holy Cow, Texas!) (Grist)
  • Forget Hyperloop and Maglev: The Future of Rail Travel Is Good Old-Fashioned Steel-on-Steel (Gizmodo)
  • Move Over, Tysons: Fairfax’s Newest Urban Redevelopment Is in Seven Corners (GGW)
  • Indiana and Amtrak Strike a Deal to Keep Hoosier State Trains Running (The Hill)
  • More Buses, More Teslas: Fremont, CA’s Plan for Glory (Next City)
  • Cyclist Injured Riding Home From Another Cyclist’s Memorial Needs New Talking Points (NOLA)
  • Breaking Away and 9 More Great Bicycling Movies to Watch This Summer (Phoenix New Times)