Today’s Headlines

  • Welcome to July and Yet Another Countdown to Highway Trust Fund Insolvency (WaPo)
  • Pew Takes a Comprehensive Look at How States Are Making Ends Meet on Transportation
  • Poll: 53 Percent Say Spend More on Highways, 40 Percent Say Spend More on Transit (The Hill)
  • “Go New Haven, Go” Program Rewards Residents for Non-Car Transportation (NBC)
  • Maine Governor OK’s $85 Million Bond Issue for Transportation (TI News Daily)
  • Toronto Bike-Share Set to Double in Size (Star)
  • Tampa Bike Share Celebrates Its 10,000th Rider (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Electric Self-Driving Taxis Could Cut GHGs By 19-20ths  (MIT Tech Review)
  • A Better Way for Waze to Relieve Congestion: Taking Cars Off the Road (Apple Insider)
  • A Lesson from Streetscamp on How We Engineer Bad Behavior on Our Streets — And How to Stop (GGW)
  • Innovations in Transpo Technology Mean “Being Car-less Will Get Even More Affordable” (CheatSheet)

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