Today’s Headlines

  • Senators to Lay Out Six-Year Transpo Funding Plan This Morning (The Hill)
  • The Bill’s Potential New Name? “The DRIVE Act” (Land Line)
  • Protected Bike Lanes: America’s Next Transit Frontier (WaPo)
  • Transpo Money Could Be Freed Up By Removing Earmarks (The Hill)
  • Feds to Examine DC Metro’s Fatal Smoke Incident (AP)
  • Vision Zero: Seattle Rewards Law-Abiding Drivers (CityLab)
  • New Jersey’s Train Commuters Could See Benefits From New Bill (
  • Utah’s Transit Success a “Story to Bring Back to Congress” (SL Trib)
  • Housing Already Popping Up Around Detroit’s Planned Streetcar Line (Detroit News)
  • Boston’s Transit Doesn’t Hold a Candle to Its Olympic Rival (Globe)
  • Five Ways Cities Can Help Residents Get More Active (Co.Exist)

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