Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Signs Two-Month Highway Trust Fund Extension (The Hill)
  • Related: CBO Spitballs Future Short-Term Patches (The Hill)
  • CityLab Remembers That Time Reagan Raised the Gas Tax
  • In the Wake of Amtrak and Oil Train Crashes, Obama Taps Sarah Feinberg for FRA Post (The Hill)
  • U.S. Could Save Lives by Requiring Trucks to Have Side Guards (Next City)
  • Meanwhile, Pols Worry That Hackers May Someday Cause Vehicles to Harm People (The Hill)
  • Researcher: Cyclists Break Laws When Streets Are Designed for Cars (Next City)
  • Tesla Fight Points to Political Clout of U.S. Auto Dealers (Bloomberg)
  • After Fatal Crash, NASCAR Rule Aims to Keep Drivers From Running Each Other Over (WaPo)
  • Sinkholes: Wreaking Havoc Across the Globe (WaPo)

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