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  1. Re: the hard-hitting expose of deadly scofflawery in the Post:

    1.) Tarlov, the wealthy wife of a CBS executive was killed 8 months ago in a very high-profile incident. No fine or summons or event arrest (?) was issued at the time despite the fact that NYPD is known for its racist and anti-cyclist bias. Is it possible then that… maybe there was no crime? That is to say, after a thorough (and maybe even fair!) investigation the NYPD came to the same conclusion it does for every motorist without an investigation: no criminality suspected.

    2.) The inconsistencies between the amped up rhetoric and the mild behavior are hilarious. He slowed down at a red light… THEN HE BLEW RIGHT THROUGH IT. HIS SON WAS PRECARIOUSLY PERCHED ON THE HANDLEBARS… in a $100 device specifically designed for such purpose. HE RECKLESSLY MOUNTED THE SIDEWALK AND RODE THERE FOR AS LONG AS… one block.

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