Today’s Headlines

  • Michigan to Spend $268 Million in General Funds on Roads Only (Detroit News)
  • Columbus the “Lone Exception” in Midwest Population Growth (CURA OSU)
  • Northeast Corridor Senators Push for Full Amtrak Funding (WJLA)
  • Olympia Mother: Children Aren’t Welcome in My Neighborhood Streets (WaPo)
  • Oregon May Test Mileage Tax to Replace Gas Tax (Associated Press)
  • “Ridesharing” Could Save St. Louis Area Commuters $277 Million (St. Louis Business Journal)
  • Police Chief on Why He Has “Zero Tolerance” for Dangerous Driving (The Hinesburg Record)
  • Why Is Coral Gables Leaving Bike Lanes Out of Its Downtown Redesign? (Miami Herald)


Will Missouri Voters Go Along With the Highway Lobby’s Money Grab?

Next week, Missouri voters will decide on Amendment 7 — a three-quarter-cent sales tax hike to pay for transportation projects that would be the largest tax increase in the state’s history. Construction industry groups have poured millions into convincing Missourians to pay $5.4 billion over the next 10 years. Will they bite? A coalition of pro-transit forces […]

Historical Photos of St. Louis Capture the Great Violence of “Urban Renewal”

Some of these images, dug up by Alex Ihnen at NextSTL, almost look like a war zone. Buildings exploding. Entire city blocks reduced to ghost towns. Families out on curbs, carrying all their belongings in suitcases. It wasn’t a war, though — it was mid-century St. Louis. Perhaps no other American city more enthusiastically embraced the development strategy known as “urban renewal,” a euphemism […]

AASHTO: America’s Best Transportation Projects Are All Highways

Are you ready to be inspired? Well, good, because the American Association of State Highway and Transportation just released its list of finalists for the “America’s Transportation Award” Grand Prize. These ten projects span every sector of the transportation world, from enormous highway projects to … less enormous highway projects and highway bridges. Voting is […]