Talking Headways Podcast: Welcome to the Fresh Coast!

podcast icon logoThis week I chat with Jeramey Jannene of Streetsblog Network blog Urban Milwaukee.

Jeramey discusses freeway teardowns, freeway expansion, the new bike-share system, the transit funding situation in the city, the city’s streetcar plans, and the city’s really high weighted density.

And we talk about water. Milwaukee is becoming the “Fresh Coast,” an innovative place for studying a really precious resource. Jeramey talks about how the Great Lakes Compact gives Milwaukee leverage over other cities, the innovation of the first greywater street in the United States, and the amazing water-based innovation cluster that has popped up in the city.

So join us in the Freshwater Capital of the World.

1 thought on Talking Headways Podcast: Welcome to the Fresh Coast!

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I love Urban Milwaukee and the work Jeramey and Dave are doing there, but as a Cincinnatian I must take issue with a few things.

    1) I want to see the evidence for this claim about the biggest German language newspaper circulation outside of Germany. Being a much larger and older member of the German Triangle, which also includes St. Louis, Cincinnati must have had a larger German language newspaper.

    2) I know Milwaukee’s leadership is good at promoting the things they’re good at, but I think Cincinnati also is fighting to position itself as the leader in fresh water technology. Cincinnati already has one of the most innovative and advanced water utilities in the nation, and the US EPA has a major research facility here…and they have formed a partnership with international utility research institutes to take it even further: Not only that, but Cincinnati decided to forgo the “gray” solution to fixing its combined sewer overflow problems and is instead implementing the first truly “green” solution in the nation to be approved by the Feds.

    3) Cincinnati has better beer and a bigger streetcar. There, I said it.

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