Today’s Headlines

  • Pushback on Bill That Would Let States Opt Out of EPA’s Climate Rules (The Hill)
  • Pasadena Residents Want Light Rail, Not $5.6 Billion Traffic Tunnel (Pasadena Star News)
  • Grist: Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Walking Alone at Night
  • Ped-Friendly Street Overhaul Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Say Reno Residents (Reno Gazette-Journal)
  • The Trouble with Megaprojects (New Yorker)
  • De Fazio: Fix Transportation Funding by Eliminating Estate Tax Repeal (The Hill)
  • Laws That Seek to Make Cyclists More Like Drivers Miss the Point (WaPo)
  • Leading Uber Opponent Gets Lots of Money From the Taxi Industry (Globe and Mail)