Today’s Headlines

  • “Stand Up for Transportation” Demonstrations Take Place Across the County (The Hill)
  • Philadelphia Inquirer Weighs in on Camden’s Parking Madness Victory
  • Poor People More Likely to Be Killed While Walking (Lake Highlands Advocate)
  • Canadian Town of Regina Votes to End Bike Licensing; Rule Was Largely Ignored (CBC)
  • DC Metro to Return to Automated Trains (The Hill)
  • Brookings: Migration to the Sunbelt and Suburbs Picking Up
  • Slate: If Young People Love the Suburbs, Why Are Cities Crowded With Them?
  • G1991

    Here’s what the Slate article tells me. Thos Millennials who can afford to live near the urban core will and increasing rents and property values are driving out those without a higher education.

  • JayinPhiladelphia

    Interesting to note that has already closed comments on the Camden article, and I’m honestly not sure if the one left standing is being sarcastic or not.

    I didn’t check it until just now, like fifteen seconds ago, so I can’t say what went down, if anything, but I’ll note that the comment section of is notorious for being one of the most awful and toxic comment sections of any major city newspaper’s comment sections in the English-speaking world.

    I’ll try not to think about it, I guess…