Today’s Headlines

  • GOP Blocks Bernie Sanders’ Plan to Boost Infrastructure By Closing Tax Loopholes (USA Today)
  • The Number of Parking Spaces in Boston Is Dwindling (Boston Globe)
  • Mayor of Fort Worth Holds “Rolling” Town Hall Meetings on Bike (Star Telegram)
  • Miami Has a Plan to Tax Tourists to Fund Transit (Miami Today)
  • Suburban Growth Isn’t Catching Up With Urban Areas in Twin Cities (Star Tribune)
  • Downtown Denver Down to 42,000 Parking Spaces — Planetizen Wonders If It Can Remain Vibrant
  • Boston Proposal Would Build 10,000 Affordable Units Aimed at Millennials (Boston Globe)
  • Coalition of U.S. Mayors Pushing for Long-Term Transportation Bill (The Hill)
  • AFL-CIO Lobbying to Defend the Gas Tax (The Hill)