Today’s Headlines

  • Hartford BRT Debuts in Connecticut (Hartford Courant)
  • Foxx, Shuster Work Together on Transpo Funding Quagmire (The Hill)
  • DC Mayor Sticks With Streetcar, But There’s a Lot of Work Ahead (WaPo)
  • St. Paul Lays Out Ambitious Plans for Biking (MPR News)
  • Nashville’s Mayoral Hopefuls Take on Transit After Death of BRT (Tennessean)
  • Boston’s Bike Director Departs for Seattle (Boston Globe)
  • Virginia Makes Transpo Spending More Practical, Less Political (GGW)
  • Bill From Kentucky Rep Would Defund Transit, Bike Lanes, Sidewalks (WCPO)
  • Pinellas County, Florida, Misses Out on Bus Funding (Tampa Bay Times)