Today’s Headlines

  • Activists Demonstrate in Support of Maryland’s Purple Line (GGW)
  • Family of Fallen Omaha Cyclist Sues County Over Road Design, Maintenance (World Herald)
  • “Nextdoor,” a Social Network for Neighborhoods, Is Taking Off (NYTPlanetizen)
  • Reason: To Fix Highways, Expand Tolling
  • Houston Gets Its First General Plan (Architect’s Newspaper)
  • Pacific Standard: Transportation Should be Considered a Basic Need
  • Meet the Architect Trying to Make Over Europe’s Low-Income Suburbs (NPR)
  • New Life for Dead Malls (The Atlantic)
  • ahwr

    Why does Reason say you should get a rebate of state gas taxes when you drive on a tolled interstate? Should you also get the same rebate when driving on local roads funded with property taxes, not the gas tax?

  • Aaron

    “Houston Gets Its First General Plan”. Cue Agenda 21 hysteria…