Take a Look at Houston’s First On-Street Protected Bike Lane

Photo: Barry Ocho via Twitter
Construction crews have begun work on a two-way protected bike lane on Lamar Street in downtown Houston. Photo: Barrett Ochoa via Twitter

Is that a beautiful sight or what? This two-way protected bike lane is all the more stunning because it’s in downtown Houston.

This weekend, construction crews began putting down green paint on Lamar Street for the city’s first on-street protected bike lane, which is expected to be finished by March 8. The three-quarter-mile bike lane will connect two important off-street trails. It will be separated from car traffic by low-lying plastic “zebra” humps and will have signals specifically for people on bikes, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The bike lane takes the place of a parking lane. Way to go, Houston!

Editor’s note: We first came across this item thanks to Jay Crossley’s morning news wrap-up on Streetsblog Texas. In the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out new ways to stay current with our partners at Streetsblog Texas, Streetsblog St. Louis, Streetsblog Ohio, and Streetsblog Southeast — stay tuned.

  • Well, they have to start somewhere. Hopefully, this doesn’t become the final design.

  • Neal

    Way to go Houston! Wish we could have GREEN paint and ZEBRA humps like that in Philadelphia.

  • Alex Brideau III

    Not a big fan of the humps, although they are a small step up from paint only (no pun intended). Speaking of paint, if Houston can get a fully green bike lane, surely Los Angeles can get some as well! At least for our paint-buffered lanes that bus and car drivers frequently co-opt.

  • blahhhh1

    We at least have green paint in places – like on the south st bridge heading to Penn…

  • Justin McMurtry

    Photos with commentary here: <http://goo.gl/eZqo1W>
    Brief local TV news story here: <http://goo.gl/3ygNZm>

  • Eric

    Hope it’s more safe than the metro!?!?


    Metro’s Greatest Hits!

  • Lipps

    Safe? As in you hope car drivers don’t run into the bicyclists like they do the train safe?

  • FA

    Isn’t all that green paint going to be slippery when it gets wet?

  • Alex Tour-Sarkissian

    we need those in San Francisco!!!!

  • Kyle

    I’ve personally touched and rode my bike on the green paint. It looks like they “roughed up” the asphalt before painting or used a rough-textured paint. It actually seems less slippery than the non-painted part.

  • Alex Brideau III

    From that video, it looks like the Metro seems safe, but the drivers sure aren’t.


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