Today’s Headlines

  • Five Pedestrian Deaths in South Jersey Over the Past Week, Only One Set of Charges (South Jerseyist)
  • Pittsburgh to Launch 50-Station Bike-share System This Spring (Post-Gazette)
  • Gas Is Dirt Cheap Because Americans Don’t Pay the Real Costs of Driving (CityLab)
  • Cities Growing Faster Than Suburbs (Just Barely), Planetizen Reports
  • Urban Office Rents Up Almost 20%, Compared to Just 3 Percent in the Suburbs (MarketWatch)
  • No Charges for Episcopal Bishop Who Killed Baltimore Cyclist (Baltimore Brew)
  • A Republican Senator Tells Better Roads He Won’t Rule Out a Gas Tax Hike
  • Low Gas Prices Could Mean Less Highway Money for Texas (KVIA  7)
  • A French Traffic Engineer Lays Out How to Apply “Level of Service” to Pedestrians (Urban kchoze)