Today’s Headlines

  • USA Today Calls Transpo Bill a “Big Maybe” on Boehner, McConnell’s To-Do List
  • Senate Still to Vote on Transit Benefit (WaPo)
  • Crude Oil Rail Transport Expands Over Objections of Unprepared Communities (Business Insider)
  • State Officials Insist on Removing Trees for “Road Safety” in Louisville (WHAS11)
  • 78 Years Later, Spokane Regrets Burning that Streetcar, Turns Back to Transit (Spokesman-Review)
  • Retired Army Official Slams George Will for Criticizing Safe Routes to School (Post-Gazette)
  • “Vancouver 24 Hrs” Publishes Pro and Con on Sales Tax for Transit
  • Why Is Paris Restricting Driving? Because the Champs-Elysées is a “Canyon of Pollution” (Salon)
  • Add Poland to the List of Countries With More Advanced Rail Than the U.S. (PressTV)