No Charges for Driver Who Plowed Into Protesters in Minneapolis

UPDATED 11/28/14 at 8:48 a.m.: The Pioneer Press is reporting that late Wednesday police changed the status of the driver from “victim” to “suspect.” 

The driver who rammed his way through a crowd protesting the non-indictment of Darren Wilson yesterday afternoon in Minneapolis, injuring a 16-year-old girl, has not been charged with any crime.

That’s according to Minneapolis Police spokesperson John Elder, who emailed us this morning saying the case “remains under investigation.”

You can see in the above video, captured by a local news crew, that the driver, Jeffrey Patrick Rice of St. Paul, drove directly into a crowd of protesters and ran over the legs of the girl, who reportedly suffered a leg injury. According to news reports, Rice, 40, stopped not far from the scene and called 911.

Here’s the only information the MPD would offer, from a police report (emphasis ours): “The victim‘s vehicle was damaged by a large group of people. While he was attempting to flee from the mob, he struck a pedestrian.”

So there you have it. The “victim” in this case was not the 16-year-old girl whose legs were crushed under a car, but the driver of said car. Looking at the video, it seems like the police have scrambled the order of events to exonerate the assailant. A “mob” doesn’t form around the vehicle until after the driver intentionally plowed through people. 

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune describes events unfolding very differently than the police report:

In the Lake Street incident, a Subaru station wagon lurched into the crowd around 4:30 p.m. with its horn blaring as the rally swelled to more than 1,000 demonstrators. When protesters didn’t clear a path, the driver knocked down a girl. The crowd erupted in screams and some people jumped on the hood of the car and violently pounded on the windshield and windows.

For all those sociopaths who were wondering last night if they were allowed to run over protesters standing in front of their cars, it appears the answer is “yes.”

Update: Here’s another angle where you can see the driver choosing to go straight through the crowd.

283 thoughts on No Charges for Driver Who Plowed Into Protesters in Minneapolis

  1. viral disease
    you possess neither the brains nor the gonads of a gnat
    My sincere apologies to the gnat kingdom

  2. Normally, when people like Jeffrey Patrick Rice use their vehicle to mow people down, it’s called assault with a deadly weapon. I hope that his family has a lot of money. The lawyers are going to carve him up like a turkey.

    The “hate crime” law should be applied to this case.

  3. Guess what, Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way, so – The driver is ENTIRELY in the wrong to get even close to them.

  4. He is driving up to the crowd slowly, expecting them to part so he can get through. He brakes and a man on the passenger side dressed in black with black cap starts pounding on the car. That’s when everything goes down hill.

  5. The new video from the rear confirms my earlier observation. He is driving up to the crowd slowly, expecting them to part so he can
    get through. He brakes and a man on the passenger side dressed in black
    with black cap starts pounding on the car. That’s when everything goes down hill.

    He is indeed an “imbecile” for expecting a crowd of protestors who are deliberately impeding traffic with some members more than likely looking for a fight, to allow him passage. A smarter person knows aggitated people will not move and instead turn to attack and would do a u-turn to get the hell out of there.

  6. I wrote the exact opposite of what you are accusing. I am not sure of what your error or intent is with such a reply.

  7. Protests often do last for hours. Why would you stand around a protest when people are aggitated and some looking for a fight? The only viable option is the one route of escape open, to go back the way he came.

  8. He (idiotically) drove up to the crowd expecting to be allowed passage where a man dressed in black begins pounding on his car. It is evident from the camera above and the camera from the rear.

    This was stupid because humans intentionally blocking traffic do not move and do not allow passage. There is a strong liklihood they will turn to attack if one sounds a horn. The horn will often cause geese to scatter, to take flight, the horn will agitate humans who are intentionally blocking traffic. This event fits expectations. He wants to get through and one person attacks. He then panics.

  9. So let me get this straight. You actually have somewhere to be. Decide to put in in 1st and just roll the car and you figure that the 20 people, that are directly in front of your car, will move. People start pushing your car, as if that would even work, in the name of black people. A gentleman starts to “knock” on your windows really hard trying to inform you of never using violence. So you speed up to get away from them and in the process you run over a strong and independent woman who isn’t afraid of anything(only rape). If this were a protest for Darren and this would’ve happened, you guys would probably be saying that the driver was right. Such is the world in liberaland

  10. You actually have somewhere to be.

    How do you know that he has somewhere important to be? He might be going to the bar, or the movies, or shopping. Being in a car is not the same as having somewhere to be – and I’m not sure why you would suggest that’s the case.

  11. ii think you mean affecting not effecting.
    since you were so quick to correct someone’s spelling previously, i figured i would correct yours.

  12. If the police report still did not change after seeing both of these videos,….then the citizens of Minneapolis is screwed….

  13. I’m on your side with this, obviously it’s wrong on many levels. However, if you actually watched the video he did stop before his tire went over her leg, that’s why she only had minor injuries. And if you actually read the article, it says he did stop and report it.

  14. And you assume any destination he may be going is important enough to assault people over.

    Jeez, where did this story get linked that the thread is swarming with potentially violent sociopaths like you?

  15. Seeing that the version of the video supplied by liberals is different, let me go over it again. You just want to get to the bar. There is a group of unwashed hippies shouting retarded stuff in the name of frivolous protest. You slowly drive into the group, because fuck them, it’s a road they will step aside, because they’re rational human beings and this will be it. Then they start jumping on your hood, shouting I didn’t go into debt to follow reason and yelling at people of color, that they will never succeed because they’re black. And some people start beating the shit out of your car, because the shadows on your car looked like a cross and it started to trigger people. Then you start to speed up and you run over a woman who also didn’t feel the urge, to get out of the way of a car with retards on the hood and someone banging on the side.

  16. Wow…this was justified? Ok, next time PITA or people wanting equal wages from the unions are protesting in the streets, ill make sure to plow straight through them because i dont want to be late for work. Fucking hell…,he intentionally went through them when other cars drove way past. Just another guy who’s intollerance got too high and exploded. Fuck him.

  17. Wow, indeed. Plenty of time and space to turn the vehicle around but instead he made the conscious decision to drive through and over a group of people. The lack of morality in a seemingly educated, mature adult is impressive.

  18. Wow! I’ve never, ever seen Streetsblog get trolled this hard. Guess you’ll justify any transgression possible when you don’t like the victims.

  19. I agree. Trolling indeed is psychopathy. And the anti-protester trolls are swarming every site they can find, justifying any kind of reprehensible behavior, all in service of spreading their hateful idiocy.

  20. What dishonourable police spokesholes to claim an errant driver was attacked by a mob which caused him to run down a girl and drive away.

    IIRC, someone drove into OWS protesters in a California intersection and were not charged.

  21. This country started with people in the streets like idiots. Quite frankly, Americans have grown lazy – we should be in the streets far more often considering the corporate tyranny we are living under.

  22. I would vote ‘not guilty’ if someone punched you right in your ballz, then slammed them in a car door. Cheers.

  23. Police shoot people if they even think (ok, imagine) that someone is driving a car towards them and it is called self-defence. If a crowd of people see a car driving toward them, then yes, those people in the street have the right to defend against the adverse driver even before being hit by the car.

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