Today’s Headlines

  • With Growing Ridership, Amtrak Deficits Shrink to Four-Decade Low (WSJ)
  • Uber Controversy Exposes “Gaping Hole in Nation’s Privacy Laws” (The Hill)
  • Former Dallas Mayor Joins High-Speed Rail Effort in Texas (Dallas Morning News)
  • With Landmark Transpo Funding Deal, Virginia Gas Tax to Increase 45% (Daily Press)
  • Puerto Rico Governor Warns of Transit Shutdown Over Bond Issue (Reuters)
  • Montgomery County Votes Today on Bill to Improve Urban Streets (GGW)
  • San Diego: Court Rejects Future Transpo Plan, Trolley Link Approved (KPBS, Railway Age)
  • How a New Amtrak Tunnel Could Improve West Baltimore (Baltimore Brew)
  • Sandy, Utah, Plans for Denser Downtown (Salt Lake Trib)
  • The Pitfalls of Hands-Free Car Technology (WSJ)
  • How Humans Have Evolved Into “Metro Sapiens” (Smithsonian)
  • 94110

    Once again the question of the day is, will SB write anything about Ferguson? Nah. How about a story about how to get people of color on bikes? Got to be one of those coming up soon.

    Also look out for comments about how bad sidewalk riding is, a practice (at least where I live) predominantly practiced by POC.