Today’s Headlines

  • NYC’s Biggest Subway Hub Opens Today (APNY1)
  • All the Election Proves Is Cities Are Weak and Subject to Rural Domination (Salon)
  • Yeah, Transpo Funding Probably Won’t Get Solved During the Lame Duck (The Hill)
  • Despite Losses in Neighboring Counties, Tampa Will Go Forward With Transit Vote (TBO x2)
  • Repeal of Automatic Gas Tax Increases Will Cost Charlie Baker’s Massachusetts $100M (MassLive)
  • Virginia Attorney General Severely Limits Arlington’s Ability to Tax Itself for Streetcar (WaPo)
  • How to Use Data to Advocate for Transit Equity: Denver Edition (National Equity Atlas)
  • Cost Estimates Balloon for Caltrain Electrification (Examiner)
  • Google Mis-Diagnosed the Problem, But Self-Driving Buses Could Be the Solution (CleanTechnicaQuartz)
  • Car Tech That Can Save Pedestrians’, Cyclists’ Lives (AP)
  • These Homeowners Believe Losing Their Front Yards for Road Widening Is Worth It (August Chronicle)
  • Reuben

    Please change the title regarding the Columbia Pike (Arlington) Streetcar. It does not reflect the article.

  • Bolwerk

    What the election shows is how nearsighted and inept Democrats are. The Republikans openly declared their intent to gerrymander the hell out of the country by riding the (predictable) anti-Obama backlash back in 2010. Other than their usual boneheaded infighting, the Dems just sat there and drooled as it happened. Betcha they have no game to start recovering things in 2016, and can’t be arsed to lay the groundwork to at least return competitive elections by 2022, much less gerrymander in their own favor.

  • lop

    All the purple states the republicans swept in the 2010 senate election are up in 2016.