Today’s Headlines

  • RIP Car Talk’s Surprisingly Car-Free Tom Magliozzi (
  • Today, Maryland, Massachusetts and Other States Vote on Transpo Questions (WBAL, Roll Call)
  • Why Are Gas Prices Dropping Below $3 a Gallon? Demand Is Low (NJ.comCEPR)
  • How New Jersey Transit Will Weather the Next Superstorm (Next City)
  • DC Metro Already Thinks 2015-16 Is Going to Suck for Ridership, Revenues (WaPo)
  • Kids These Days Aren’t Buying Houses Like They Used To (WaPo)
  • ThinkProgress Profiles Veronica Davis, DC’s Most Media-Friendly Bike Proponent
  • CityLab Makes the Case for a National Miles-Traveled Fee
  • Reason: Feds Shouldn’t Fund Infrastructure By Borrowing