Today’s Headlines

  • This LA Times Editorial Seriously Begins “Motorists Unite!”
  • Cincinnati Bike-Share Beats Expectations (Local 12)
  • Is the Architecture at Denver’s Union Station Telling People of Color to Stay Away? (Post)
  • Iowa Bicyclist’s Life Worth $1,500 According to Judge (Register)
  • Is New York City Underpopulated? (Salon)
  • Revelstoke Times Review Examines the Costs of Various Transportation in the Canadian Town
  • Can Apps Bring Intercity Rail Travel Into 21st Century Tech? (FT)
  • Of Course Millennials Are Driving Less — Driving Sucks (Sun Journal)
  • Vision Zero Seeks to Make New York’s Streets Safe for Children (Gotham Gazette)
  • Bikedude14

    Interesting LA Times article. Perhaps they could use some additional information. They could read Peter Norton’s book “Fighting Traffic: The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City”. Who was it that started the war on people walking and biking? (Car companies and automobile organizations?). While they are at it maybe they can read Todd Litman’s work about sustainable transportation and TDM. Complete streets work better for all modes of transportation.