Today’s Headlines

  • NYT Editorial: U.S. DOT Is Taking Too Long to Require Trucker Training
  • Even If the U.S. Opened High-Speed Rail Today, We’d Be 50 Years Behind Japan (Business Insider)
  • Gov. Rick Snyder Says Transportation Is a Priority in Michigan’s Lame Duck (Crain’s)
  • Utah’s Transit and Smart Growth Investments Have Paid Off in Shorter Commutes (AP)
  • The Fault in Our Toll Roads (Texas Tribune)
  • Boulder Council Considers Experimenting With Protected Bike Lanes, Shared Streets (Camera)
  • Homobiles: Transportation for the Vulnerable and the Fabulous (NPR)
  • Georgia Trying Again With a Whole New SPLOST to Fund Transpo (And a Million Other Things) (MDJ)
  • Bike-Share Is Coming to Tucson (JRN)
  • People Respond to Massachusetts’ Sane Gas Tax Policy With Crazy (Globe)
  • Buses on Northern Virginia’s Congested I-66 Will Get Their Own Slow Lane (WaPo)
  • 94110

    I was just in Boulder for several days. They are leaps and bounds ahead of San Francisco in bike amenities, and B-Cycle (their bike share system) was everywhere I wanted to go.

    I think I put more miles on B-Cycle in less than a week than I have on Bay Area Bike Share in over a year of being a member.

    Drivers were polite to a fault, and seemed to drive slower in general than I would expect.

    As to bike helmets, most of the motorcyclists there weren’t wearing them, so who would expect a bicyclist to go out of their way to do so?

    The contra-flow protected bike lane on 13th was beautiful and felt safe. Better than Polk from Market to City Hall in San Francisco.

    In dense (relative term) areas there were bike lanes, and along arterials in more suburban areas there were multi use paths.

    Sounds like I’m doing a sales pitch. Hopefully the SFMTA is reading.