Today’s Headlines

  • Yesterday Marked the 21st Anniversary of the Last Gas Tax Increase (The Hill)
  • How Denver Got Creative to Deliver on Light Rail (National Journal)
  • … And How Denver’s Transit Success Could Offer a Template for Toronto (Toronto Star)
  • Roll Call Interviews Foxx on Transpo Funding
  • Commuting by Car Declining (Slightly) for the First Time in Decades (WaPo)
  • GGW: Streetcars Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Benefit Cities
  • Seattle Voters Will Decide Whether to Revive Monorail Idea (Seattle Times)
  • Las Vegas’ Visionary Downtown Project Seems to Be Imploding (CityLab)
  • Should Transit Agencies Advertise Alcohol to Raise Revenue? (WaPo)
  • D Magazine in Dallas Launches Transportation and Urbanism Blog
  • Bolwerk

    GGW is right on. Anti-rail urbanists are just shooting themselves in the foot.