Today’s Headlines

  • Rail~Volution About to Get Underway in the Twin Cities (Strib)
  • Detroit Cheers TIGER Grant for Woodward Avenue Streetcar Line (Detroit News)
  • Scientist Praises Blumenauer’s Call to Replace Gas Tax With VMT Fee (Roll Call)
  • Coalition Forms to Address New Jersey Transportation Funding Crisis (
  • Study of Housing + Transportation Costs Show Low-Income People Struggling (NLIHC)
  • What Happened at FutureBike After Pro-Walk Pro-Bike? Here’s a Twitter Recap (Bike League)
  • Sidecar Quietly Positions Itself to Conquer the Transportation Market (GeekWire)
  • The Bikelash Means You’re Winning (CityLabStreetfilms)
  • How to Love Your Alley So It Loves You Back (Next City)
  • “MinuteEarth” — the Perfect Elevator Speech on How Better Policies Can Save the Planet (ScienceAlert)
  • People Are Psyched to Get Hardcover NYC Subway Signage Guide from 1970 (Slate)

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