Today’s Headlines

  • CBO: Transportation Funding Fix Won’t Last Long (Land Line)
  • NYC Names “America’s Top Bike City” By Bicycling Mag, Which Is Big News in Portland (Oregonian)
  • Illinois Invests $102M in Chicago-St. Louis High-Speed Rail (Progress Illinois)
  • Potential Lawsuit, Equity Issues Ahead for Minneapolis Light Rail (Minn Post)
  • Why Isn’t D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare Reaching Low-Income Areas? (Georgetown Public Policy Review)
  • In California, High-Speed Rail Opponents Take Fight to State Supreme Court (Fresno Bee)
  • Of Course Americans Don’t Walk When It’s Inconvenient and Dangerous (HuffPo)
  • Connecticut Towns Get Funding for TOD on Brownfields (Hartford Biz)
  • How Private Shuttles Threaten Public Transit in Athens, GA (Flagpole)