Today’s Headlines

  • CBO: Transportation Funding Fix Won’t Last Long (Land Line)
  • NYC Names “America’s Top Bike City” By Bicycling Mag, Which Is Big News in Portland (Oregonian)
  • Illinois Invests $102M in Chicago-St. Louis High-Speed Rail (Progress Illinois)
  • Potential Lawsuit, Equity Issues Ahead for Minneapolis Light Rail (Minn Post)
  • Why Isn’t D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare Reaching Low-Income Areas? (Georgetown Public Policy Review)
  • In California, High-Speed Rail Opponents Take Fight to State Supreme Court (Fresno Bee)
  • Of Course Americans Don’t Walk When It’s Inconvenient and Dangerous (HuffPo)
  • Connecticut Towns Get Funding for TOD on Brownfields (Hartford Biz)
  • How Private Shuttles Threaten Public Transit in Athens, GA (Flagpole)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. HuffPo has proven what an awful rag it is with some of the claims made in that article. The claimed law in Virginia quoted in that article is total hogwash. Fact checking please.

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