Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Signs Trust Fund Patch Into Law (Transport Topics)
  • Will a Republican Senate Get to Write Transportation Bill in May? Looks Like It (WaPo)
  • Transportation Reform Champion Sen. Brian Schatz Likely to Eke Out Nomination (WaPo)
  • Road Lobby’s Warning Against Fuel Economy Standards: It Will Lower Gas Tax Receipts (The Hill)
  • WaPo‘s Courtland Milloy Goes on a Bike Ride (DCistCity Paper)
  • DC Punts on 16th Street Bus Lane (WaPo, GGW)
  • Chicago Buses Now Legally Allowed to Ride on Shoulder (AP, ENews)
  • Utah Transit Authority Looking for Funds to Expand Service (Tribune)
  • Opponents of California Climate Law Stoke Fears of High Gas Prices (E&E)
  • Why Do Transit Projects Still Take Decades to Build? (CityLab)
  • RIP Robin Williams: Actor, Comedian, Urban Bicyclist (

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