Today’s Headlines

  • Per-Capita Driving Lower Than During “Pit of the Recession” Across the U.S. (Frontier Group)
  • Portland Mayor Pushes Tolls at Earl Blumenauer’s Transpo Forum (Oregonian)
  • Leaving NYC and SF to Cure Homebuyer Sticker Shock in Oklahoma City (NYT)
  • Town Center Developments Urbanize Boston Suburbs (Globe)
  • Chicago-to-Iowa City Rail Link Inches Closer to Reality (Quad City Times)
  • Georgia Working on “Plan B” Transpo Plan in Wake of T-SPLOST Defeat (AJC)
  • Tampa Area Clumsily Moving Toward Regional Transit Unity (Times)
  • Five New Silver Line Stations Saw 220,000 Riders on Opening Weekend (Mass Transit)