Today’s Headlines

  • Senate to Vote on Phasing Out the Gas Tax (The Hill)
  • Biden Busts Out the White Board for Infrastructure Lesson (WaPo)
  • DOT Calls for “New World Order” on Oil Train Safety (Politico)
  • Austin Transit Supporters Take Risks With “My Way or the Highway” Approach (CityLab)
  • What the New Silver Line Means to Reston, VA (Reston Now)
  • The Right Transit and Zoning Can Break Down Walls Between Rich and Poor (Vox)
  • Mobilizing the Region: Encourage Equitable TOD With Land Banking
  • Animation Tracks 32 Years of Bike Growth in DC (GGW)
  • The Social and Economic Benefits of Mixed-Use Development (City Fix)
  • BRT for Englewood, NJ? (

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