Today’s Headlines

  • White House Gathers Praise for Its Infrastructure Investment Initiative
  • Trust Fund Extension Just Another Crisis in Congress’s Unending Drama (NPR)
  • The Future of U.S. Transportation Funding Is in Tolling (Salon)
  • No-New-Taxes Pledges Are Handcuffing Congress (Athens Banner-Herald)
  • The GOP Betrays the Founding Fathers’ (and Their Own Party’s) Infrastructure Commitment (Salon)
  • New Orleans Lays Out 2030 Transit Plan (Times-Picayune)
  • Inferior Transit and Bikeability Keeps Miami From “World-Class City” Status (Herald)
  • New Twin Cities Green Line Beats Projections (Pioneer Press)
  • “This Bicycle Kills Patriarchy”: The Long Love Affair Between Women and Bikes (Neon Tommy)