Today’s Headlines

  • What Could the Country Get From a Higher Gas Tax? Look to Pennsylvania for Clues (InquisitrInquirer)
  • So Much For “User Pays” (Vox)
  • The Gas Tax Isn’t a Sustainable Solution: Switch to a VMT Fee (Center for American Progress)
  • Tracy Morgan Going Home From Hospital, Suing Wal-Mart Over Tired Trucker (Salon)
  • Seniors Less Likely to Take Transit (Washington U)
  • Heat Sensing Tech Could Save Cyclists the Trouble of Pushing the Beg Button (Popular Mechanics)
  • Gov. Jerry Brown Lifts Ban on Above-Ground Rail in Parts of LA (LAT)
  • How Minneapolis Came to Approve the Southwest Corridor (Strib)
  • Road Tolls Pay a Larger-Than-Expected Share of Metro Silver Line (WaPo)
  • Boston Should Do More to Promote Transportation’s Sharing Economy (Globe)
  • What If Garmin Caused the Drop in VMT? (WashCycle)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. The conclusion that “seniors less likely to take transit” is dubious. The study found people over 60 were less likely to have used transit 5 days in the previous week. Retired people are much less likely to need to travel by vehicle at all 5 days a week, especially in walkable areas where transit is most competitive with the automobile.

  2. Thank goodness we have someone with deep pockets suing Walmart for it violating trucking rules(if the did, but from other truckers that I know trucking firms keep a tight control over schedules).

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