Today’s Headlines

  • What Could the Country Get From a Higher Gas Tax? Look to Pennsylvania for Clues (InquisitrInquirer)
  • So Much For “User Pays” (Vox)
  • The Gas Tax Isn’t a Sustainable Solution: Switch to a VMT Fee (Center for American Progress)
  • Tracy Morgan Going Home From Hospital, Suing Wal-Mart Over Tired Trucker (Salon)
  • Seniors Less Likely to Take Transit (Washington U)
  • Heat Sensing Tech Could Save Cyclists the Trouble of Pushing the Beg Button (Popular Mechanics)
  • Gov. Jerry Brown Lifts Ban on Above-Ground Rail in Parts of LA (LAT)
  • How Minneapolis Came to Approve the Southwest Corridor (Strib)
  • Road Tolls Pay a Larger-Than-Expected Share of Metro Silver Line (WaPo)
  • Boston Should Do More to Promote Transportation’s Sharing Economy (Globe)
  • What If Garmin Caused the Drop in VMT? (WashCycle)
  • Ben Ross

    The conclusion that “seniors less likely to take transit” is dubious. The study found people over 60 were less likely to have used transit 5 days in the previous week. Retired people are much less likely to need to travel by vehicle at all 5 days a week, especially in walkable areas where transit is most competitive with the automobile.

  • C Monroe

    Thank goodness we have someone with deep pockets suing Walmart for it violating trucking rules(if the did, but from other truckers that I know trucking firms keep a tight control over schedules).