Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Should Lead on Highway Trust Fund Solution (Seacoast Online)
  • Building a Palmdale-to-Burbank Segment Now Would Make California HSR a Train to Somewhere (LAT)
  • Or Should California Forget HSR and Focus on Improving Regular Passenger Rail? (Tracy Press)
  • Is Oil Transportation By Rail Safe? (Sightline, CTV News)
  • Unplanned Urban Sprawl Brought About the Bee Famine (Sac Bee)
  • Another Unarmed Woman Beaten by Police for Sake of “the Motoring Public” (Salon)
  • How Arlington Grew Its Population and Shrunk Its Car Traffic (Salon)
  • West Virginia Faces Reality of Maxed-Out Roads, Considers Transit Options (Post and Courier)
  • Rail Line Changes Fabric of Houston Neighborhood (News-Journal)
  • Gas Tax Increase Makes Governor Vulnerable to Campaign Attacks (Concord Monitor)
  • Centennial Trail, Planned “Backbone” of Helena Nonmotorized Transpo, Hits Roadblocks (IR)
  • Delia Ephron Graces NYT With Anecdotes From the Self-Driving Future

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