Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Urges Action on Highway Trust Fund: “It’s Not Crazy. It’s Not Socialism” (Biz Insider)
  • Foxx Warns That State Funding Will Be Rationed Starting August 1 … (Dallas News)
  • … And Defends Obama for Dragging Feet on Gas Tax (Roll Call)
  • With Holiday Weekend Coming, Gas Prices Reach Six-Year High (The Hill)
  • LaHood Encourages Missouri to Pass Transpo Funding Referendum (St. Louis Public Radio)
  • Timetable Speeds Up for LA Stretch of Bullet Train (LAT)
  • DOT Reviews Detroit’s Request for More Streetcar Funds (Detroit News)
  • Do the Twin Cities Have the Best Bike-Share in the U.S.? (City Lab)
  • Reliable Data Makes a Difference for Active Transportation (NRDC Switchboard)
  • Arlington, Texas, Warms to Transit (Dallas News)
  • Oklahoma City Plans to Add 62 Miles of Bike Lanes (KOCO)
  • Will On-Demand Bus Service Transform Boston Transit? (Boston Globe)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. I was trying to leave a comment on LA times but since it will not let me log in, I will leave it hear. I was reading comments from people that were complaining about the new stop in Palmdale instead of a more direct route to Bakersfield. The more direct route is almost all mountainous and the Palmdale route would have close to the same amount between San Fernando Valley and Bakersfield but would actually be a great split for a HSR train to Las Vegas. The Bakersfield to Las Vegas or a different LA to Vegas route would have additional mountains to cross as the Palmdale to Vegas route would only have one more range besides the Palmdale to San Fernando Valley. The proposed 15 mile tunnel under the San Gabriel Mountains would be use for both LA to SF, LA to Vegas routes and those coming from the Bay area could transfer in Palmdale to Vegas instead of LA.

  2. Fun fact. The interstate highways already are socialistic, i.e., “characterized by social ownership of the means of production [N.B. this includes infrastructure, tools, factories, natural resources, and raw materials] and co-operative management.” Sounds like the interstate system to me!

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