Today’s Headlines

  • DC the Most Walkable City? Depends What Counts As a City (ArchDaily)
  • There’s So Much to Hate About Texas’ Prop 1 — Mostly the Things the Waco Trib Likes Best
  • McAuliffe Administration Wisely Rethinking Virginia’s Road-Building Plans (Roanoke Times)
  • Texas’ Gas Tax Only Covers Half of Transpo Costs, And That Will Keep Dropping (Standard-Times)
  • Rich Donor Brings Suburban Road Widening to the Front of the Queue (Strib)
  • NCDOT Defends I-77 Widening Amid Concerns About Contractor (Davidson News)
  • Pennsylvanians “Scratching Their Heads” Over Toomey’s Anti-Bike/Ped Proposal (Sentinel)
  • Windshield Perspective Reporting on the Start of Construction on LA BRT (Beverly Hills Courier)
  • Study Confirms There Is Safety in Numbers for Cyclists (Phys.Org)
  • Would Mandatory Sleep Apnea Testing for Professional Drivers Prevent Crashes? (ABC)

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