Today’s Headlines

  • Foxx Warns State DOTs That Funding Could Be Cut Off Soon (The Hill)
  • At HUD, Julian Castro Will Take on Obama’s Climate Work (National Journal)
  • California, Amtrak Back Out of Joint Bid on High-Speed Rail (AP)
  • Proposal to Raise Gas Tax Wins Praise From WaPoNRDC Switchboard
  • While Gannett Notes Mixed Opinions, and Forbes Sniffs Out a Gimmick in the Funding Formula
  • More Congress Members Could Take a Spin in Driverless Cars (The Hill)
  • Honolulu Rail Proceeds with $250M from Feds (Hawaii Reporter)
  • Denver Tackles TOD Challenges, Looks to Union Station as Unifier (Denver Post)
  • Why is Detroit’s Rail Project Moving So Slowly? (Detroit Free Press)
  • Dallas, Houston Mark Different Paths With Rail Development (Houston Chron)
  • Will Risk-Averse Transit Agencies Take a Chance on D.C. Startup? (WaPo)

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  1. Alternate link for Houston-Dallas article:
    Dallas’s rail has been a disaster, contrary to this terrible piece. Their obsession with serving the suburbs has strangled the city and left its trains empty most of the time. Houston’s suburbs have outpaced its own growth, but Houston has grown a lot as well, and the rail plan is effective, if ugly. Harris County government hates Houston actually looking out for itself and would love to waste the city’s taxpayer money on commuter rail in existing rights of way which would encourage even more sprawl. For once I agree with Barry Klein, but for the opposite reason: Houston has been lucky to be less successful with its rail program.

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