Today’s Headlines

  • Under the Hood of Rep. DeFazio’s Transportation Funding Proposal (T4America)
  • Cap-and-Trade Money Gives Big Boost to California High-Speed Rail (AP)
  • U.S. DOT Wants to Regulate Map Apps (NYT)
  • President Obama Rips Into Climate Deniers (WaPo)
  • With New Agreement, Seattle Ends Its War Against Ride-Sharing Companies (Slog, Sightline)
  • Bertha Back to Work Tunneling Under Seattle By March? (KOMO News)
  • This Terrifying School Bus, Crushed Under Bridge Debris, Is Coming to Your State (PR Newswire)
  • Bread and Roses: Build Protected Bike Lanes and Make Them Beautiful (GGW)

4 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. The school bus article includes structurally deficient bridges in their numbers. Those are bridges that don’t have as many lanes as the roads they connect to at each end. There are two ways to “fix” these. You can spend millions on the bridge or… you can put the roads on each side on a diet.

    The “structurally deficient” label seems to be mostly just a way to shuffle repair money to road widening. Scare articles (and busses) like this are used to promote knocking down perfectly safe bridges.

  2. Just want to comment on the Map App comment. Why? How about having the state legislatures change their cellphone laws that Map Apps on devises can only be used if in a secure device on a vehicle. You cannot use the device to send messages or talk while vehicle is in motion. Not have the federal government come in and try regulating the fast changing industry.

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