Today’s Headlines

  • Time to Stop the Desperate Funding Gimmicks, Taxpayer Bailouts (HuffPoLIUNA)
  • NH Lawmakers Approve Gas Tax Hike As Long As It Funds Road Expansion and Nothing Else (NHPR)
  • Obama Sends Julian Castro‘s Nomination to be HUD Secretary to Senate (The Hill)
  • Formerly Fast-Growing Sprawl Towns Decline in New Jersey (
  • Honolulu Rail Not Living Up to Job-Creation Promises (Civil Beat)
  • Single-Family Housing May Be Down, But Single-Family Houses Are Still Growing (WaPo)
  • Driverless Cars Will Transform Transportation (H Plus)
  • Transpo Projects Often Ignore Public Health, Especially in Poor Neighborhoods (UC Denver)
  • Startup Transit Labs Launches In Four Pilot Cities in the South (Elevation DC)