Today’s Headlines

  • Senators Skeptical of Plan to Use Postal Service Funds for Transpo (Nat’l Journal, Bloomberg)
  • Joshua Schank: Time to Come Up with 21st-Century Solution for Transpo Funding (NYT)
  • LaHood Talks High-Speed Rail With Sac Bee
  • Another Report Finds Safer Streets = More Pedestrians (HuffPo)
  • Politico Explores Partisan Undercurrents of D.C.’s New Silver Line 
  • Bill Would Give Cities and Towns More Control of Their Transpo Dollars (T4America)
  • Would Baltimore’s Proposed Light Rail Be a Catalyst or Dud? (AP)
  • Hackathon Aims to Build Transit Guide for Jersey City, Newark (
  • Detroit’s 27-Mile BRT Still on Track for 2016 Vote (M Live)
  • Artist Captures Sprawl From Above (PBS)
  • Australia Plays Catch Up on Bike Infrastructure (ABC)

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